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This can be quite a laborious read for some but please be patient and see it through to the end as this is very important and informative information that too many people ignore. Please relax your mind and enjoy the read as it is eternally beneficial for you and it is not a request for money:


Do you have house or car or mobile phone insurance? Even if you don't you will still agree that it is much wiser to have those things - just in case the worst happens. It's not paranoia it's wisdom.

Asking Jesus for His forgiveness and His spiritual cleansing is about acquiring free Life Insurance. I spelled Life with a capital L because our bodies die but our spirits are eternal.

A simple fact is that we are not perfect and therefore a danger to Heaven because it wouldn't be a perfect and safe place if it was full of spiritually independent, non perfect humans would it? When I say 'independent' I mean that perfect goodness comes from God and not from us because we are too small and limited. Think about it, how well are we doing down here on Earth? What does our C.V look like?

To be at one with God in spirit will protect and maintain Heaven's perfection because it allows His well meaning guidance. We expect and demand obedience and respect from our own children don't we? Is it because we are evil despots? of course not. It's because we care for them and we don't want them to hurt themselves.

You know, it's very obvious that you can't get saved and spiritually cleansed/perfected by just the words of a prayer. After all, anyone can repeat words can't they? But the Bible says you will be saved by the sincerity that you say those words with... That's a different story. Isn't it true that we murder from exactly the same instrument that we use to love each other with? The heart. it's all about the attitude of our hearts.

Now, let's get that free Life Insurance because there is no subject more important than where you will spend eternity is there?

In The Book of Acts, Chapter 2:21 it says "Whoever calls on the Name of the LORD will be saved!" The word "whoever" includes me and you doesn't it?

In The Gospel of John, chapter 6:37, Jesus says "If anybody asks Me for eternal Life, I will never tell them no"

Again in The Gospel of John, chapter 10:28, Jesus says "Whoever is held in My Hand can never be snatched out"

In The Book of Ephesians, chapter 1:13, Apostle Paul says "Once you hear and believe the gospel of Jesus Christ, you get sealed by the Holy Spirit!"

So then, if you ask Jesus for eternal Life by a sincere prayer and He will never tell you no, and no one can take you out of His Hand because you get "sealed" by the Holy Spirit, where will you go after you die?

This is the Gospel of Jesus Christ, hear it and be "sealed":

God made the world for the righteous and harmless pleasure of loving and being loved in return.

He gave us free-will so that we could love authentically without being forced, but we chose independence from Him and we have gone astray in our decisions. The result is that the world is a mess.

In our imperfection we abuse our free-wills and cause all the miseries that we hate to see. We even cause troubles by mistake and this is why salvation from this mess is so easy (a sincere expression of concern and humility in prayer).

A simple, humble, sincere prayer will prove to Him that you will be responsible in the coming Paradise that He promised long ago, and you will be saved from the necessary destruction of this broken world.

A massive reconstruction has been promised. The world cannot carry on the current way can it? It seems that the evil is never ending... It would be never ending if He didn't act actually. He has always had a plan to fix the problem of all the evils that are caused by our abuses of our free-wills. God took full responsibility for our bad decision to deviate from His protective instructions because He really is a Father that cares.

This is what He has done for you and each of us personally:

He stepped into the creation Himself and allowed us to kill Him. We murdered Him illegally with the same selfishness that we kill each other with. It sounds like a bizarre plan at first doesn't it? But please read on.

By doing this for us He fulfilled the demand for the justice of our crimes. Of course, not many people understood it at the time and very few people understand it now. This is all because we do not listen to Him and we do not take Him seriously. We tell ourselves (and others) that He doesn't care and we tell that He is evil and even that He doesn't exist.

Justice needs to be done though doesn't it?

He set a justice system in place from the very beginning in order to teach us right from wrong.

Instead of punishing us for ruining His amazing planet and our own amazing lives, He took the punishment on Himself. Imagine if someone burst into the courtroom and payed a heavy fine that you could never manage. God took the demand for justice for no reason other than fatherly compassion. The ultimate price has been paid. Nothing that you could perform yourself would make an acceptable balance.

This was all foretold in The Book of Isaiah chapter 53 (among other places) long before He did it, and that it one of the reasons you can be sure that the Bible is a book that you can trust.

He oversaw the Bible's construction, while still allowing us to flavor it with our own history and cultures.

After He paid the price that ultimate justice demands, He came back to life on the 3rd day, just as He said He would. He did this in order to prove that He is God and to prove that He can rescue you from the 2nd Death and place you in Heaven with Him where crime, selfishness and corruption will no longer destroy and cause misery.

What is "The 2nd Death"? Please keep reading, you've come this far.

The first death is when your consciousness departs from your physical body. You see, death is not a complete and ultimate shut-off. Death is 'separation'.
The 2nd Death is eternal separation from Him and all that belongs to Him.

All pleasurable provisions and experiences were created by Him and they belong to Him. He gives them by grace. The 2nd Death will be an eternity of zero pleasure because the ignorant will get what they desire in their hearts - no God, especially the one of the Bible!

No one goes to Hell by surprise and all have the choice to choose Life. Your time to choose is right now.

All that the Bible says about the future is falling into place. It is happening as written and so will Judgement Day happen. Those who are born again will not be judged thank God because Jesus was judged already on the cross and they are at one with Him, therefore, they have already been Judged too. He took your Judgment, whoever you are and whatever you've done, but you need to accept it with an act of humility in your heart. Read carefully now:

That act is a simple, sincere prayer that brings down the barrier to His Spiritual connection. Pride is the great killer and barrier to a connection that perfects you and clears you of guilt.

Remember this always, Judgement Day is not an evaluation to see if we're good or bad. We are all bad at the centre. We are not judged for our sins but for our sin nature that causes us to be proud and selfish.

God is not interested or in need of our self-righteous zealousness. He is looking for humility.

The Bible is clear "You will be saved by His grace and not by your zealous deeds, because zealous works leads to boasting." (Ephesians chapter 2:8-9).

Pride, boasting, and self-righteousness cause deafness to God's spiritual voice. We cannot handle the world in our independence and history coupled with the current news is all the proof needed for a conviction.

You will be greatly compensated for your sufferings here in this broken world. You will forget your pains in the wonders of eternal security in Heaven. Your suffering has developed solid convictions that will insure you act responsibly in Heaven. When you receive the Holy Spirit and become born again, this will all start to take effect.

Pray this prayer with sincerity. Reject any pride-filled doubting and be saved from being burned up by the necessary reconstruction of our material world. 

"LORD Jesus, please forgive me and give me eternal Life.

Make me a new creation and give me a new heart.

Open my eyes and give me understanding.

Thank you for taking my sins. Seal me with your Holy Spirit.

Rescue me from my sin LORD.

Amen to you."

If that prayer seems too easy then why do so many people have such a hard time with it? Have faith in His kindness because Grace really is grace. This Biblical truth of salvation through faith in His word and grace is often rejected because people think that it is an excuse to "run out and sin at leisure". But this is blindness to the power of the Holy Spirit's voice over the conscience. Romans chapter 6:15 says "Shall we run out and sin because we are under grace? God no!!!"

The seeming contradiction between 'grace' and zealousness is solved this way:

If the Christian is zealous because they are trying earn/buy their salvation then it is being done in self-righteousness because they are hoping to have something to boast to Him about on Judgment Day. But the truth is, if they are 100% sure that they are already saved by what Jesus did and not by any deeds that they themselves did, then their zealousness is not a bribe or an attempt to earn a place in Heaven.


Can you do good deeds without hoping that they will win favour with God and buy you a place in Heaven? Can you do good deeds for God, free of charge with zero expectation of praise? Good. Then you do them righteously and through the energy of the Holy Spirit.

I'm sure that you are glad that you took the time read this far - many people will have to face the 2nd Death because they willingly chose to ignore these imperative facts... It's a hard and shocking horror. All I can do is pray for you and write this in the hope that you will listen.


If God said to you "Why should I let you in my coming Paradise?" Would you tell Him all about your zealous deeds? You'd better not boast like that. Don't try to rob God of His grace.

Now, my beautiful friend, I know you have lots of questions but isn't it better to ask them when you are in Heaven, rather than when you are in Hell? Let me ask you a question first:


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