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UK Christian Film is a safe launching base to literally thousands of free Christian educational videos that have the power to boost excellent morals, maturity and protective responsibilities in people through the gospel message. All the videos should link to a strictly Biblical and grace rooted perspective. Cultism and harmful teachings are most certainly not welcome here, but, I cannot control the many free willed individuals that we link to, so, please be understanding and forgiving if you find any erroneous teaching or anything personally offensive.

The goal and intention of this free website is to promote beneficial attitudes and a secure, confident identity in each individual person reached, in order to strengthen the user by promoting safer and more selfless behaviours.

A unified mindset will surely protect and preserve all the beautiful freedoms that we enjoy in the United Kingdom. Many people died fighting for these freedoms that we would miss so desperately if they were stolen from us, and soon they will be if we allow Biblical truths to be ignored.

It would be wise to make UK Christian Film your personal homepage or book mark it so that you can be regularly stimulated and invited into an intelligent and proven successful approach to right living and wise decision making. The power of Christianity's gospel message is proven by the great transformations of the lives of the people that it touches. It is even known to transform prisons. What hope does evolution, gangsterism and ethnic hatred plant in broken lives??? Those are not solutions, they are provocations. Selfishness is the root reason of every crime, is it not? "There will come a time when they will kill you thinking that they do God a favour"  This is a prophecy from Jesus recorded in The Gospel of John chapter 16:2, and it is very relevant for today's world.

The gospel promotes selflessness in a powerful and action producing way that is far beyond emotionalism.

You can read the gospel and receive His power from the homepage of UK Christian Film House by clicking the red "Read me" button at the top right.

Your mind is a precious gift, as is your free-will, but unfortunately, dangerous ideologies and very selfish attitudes endanger our freedoms  more frequently as worldwide morality declines. This is due to a lack of respect for God's true character, and for each other.

Please join and be a part of this great effort to raise up national morality standards and conservative responsibilities across the UK by using this website. Selflessness is the way forward but it is also true that protection boundaries need to be in place. You might conclude that selflessness has no boundaries, but what would you protect your loved ones with then? Boundaries are much needed.


This is a complicated task that requires wisdom beyond emotional declarations and heroic speeches that serve only to protect one's own self from character assassination. The videos and speakers found through this website promote and justify the exact wisdom needed for us to lead safer, more enjoyable lives that have protective boundaries.  

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